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Sunday, December 26, 2010

The Windsor House of Tea

Astoria, Oregon ~ January 23, 2010

Thanks for bearing with the same photo for a few days. I decided to take a break. I'm back, and will be pulling random photos out of the archives this week. The business is not more, but the building remains. Would anyone like to share their fond memories either in the comments or by e-mail? I visited once, treated by my friend Lisa. The baked treats were spectacularly flavorful and decadent. I'm sorry to say that because of that and the engaging conversation, I don't even remember the tea. (It was a few years ago.) It was also one of my not-too-many forays into the basement of Astoria. I love these Art Deco buildings along Marine Drive between 9th and 10th.

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Lowell said...

Too bad it went out of business; I wonder why? We have a "tea" garden/gift shoppe place here in Ocala that is giving up after many years and the building is now for sale.

I see you're home and having fun! Breaks are good. We need more of them, I think. I'm retired, why do I need a break? For some reason, I'm way too busy for an old, retired guy!

Anonymous said...

it went out of business because the business owner/operator never figured out that such an operation could never succeed in such a small marketing area...People constantly move here and think all they have to do is open up some dumb shop and they'll make a living at it...these touristy type business have a massive failure rate around here

Lisa in Panama City said...

Thanks for reminding me of a pleasant afternoon on a dark, gloomy day in Astoria! Tea and coffee shops are not as popular here in the Florida Panhandle as they were in the Pacific Northwest. I miss the conviviality of such spaces but seeing the sun on a regular basis is a fair tradeoff. Your aforementioned friend, Lisa

Sueso said...

Mmmnnn....I don't think that is true anonymous...It actually was quite successful, but the mother and daughter who owned it ran out of steam I believe from what they had told me in the various times I went there with friends. It was always busy and just lovely! My 2 cents...:) I REALLY miss it being there to take my daughter, special girlfriends and cousins when they're in town! :(

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