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Saturday, December 11, 2010

Mystery Solved: Chinese Stones in Astoria

Astoria, Oregon ~ December 8, 2010

Yesterday's mystery photo was a gray, lumpy stone, looking for all the world like an ancient tree trunk, so imagine my surprise when the first guesser, cieldequimper, commented, "That has got to be a sleeping dragon, all curled up." Well, it wasn't, exactly, but it was part of a Chinese stone installation prominently featuring dragons. Lying within two or three feet of the mystery stone was the carved marble dragon shown above. Clytie and Jean B were both close with "some part of a statue." How did you guys do that? Both the natural stone and the dragon column can be seen outside of the old Englund Marine store at 15th Street on the River Walk as part of the Astoria Chinese Heritage Park project still in progress. The park is on the other side of town; I'll have to get over there and see if anything new has been done. Meanwhile, the rock art has been lying next door to my place since October.

Here is a more complete view of the column. I'm not sure how many columns were imported to Astoria, but it seemed like there may have been a dozen. I have photos of the day the crates were brought in and opened, but I'll have to find the right folder. I know I have them, but I can't locate them quickly.

This is the mystery rock from my photo. I took the picture standing on the other side looking over the ridges. The details in the rock are quite unusual.

Above is another of the stones.

And this description tells what they are and where they came from. I'm sorry, I don't know any more about the carved dragon columns at this time. I was out of town when the opening exhibition was held on October 16th.

The exhibition was held here in the old Englund Marine building, which also served as Goonies' Headquarters during Goonies Week last June. The banner says:

Astoria's Bicentennial LEGACY GIFT
The Garden of Surging Waves
Bronze & Stone Artwork from Xi'an
Exhibit Opening October 16, 2010 

Mayor Willis Van Dusen can be seen talking about Astoria's Chinese heritage and the meaning of the park in this video by Ron Law. The Chinese Heritage Park also has a page on Facebook.

Here's what's left inside the building.

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Lee Spangler said...

a credit 2 the community to onor the Chinese who did so much work and got a lot of crap from the other immigrants mainly of Scandanavian background. I think one of the columns arrived brken and they are waiting for its replacement, but I'm not certain of that.

tapirgal said...

Sadly, at least one or maybe two of the columns came out of the crates broken. I'm encouraged to follow up on this and see if anything has changed at the park at Astor and the River Walk.

Tracy said...

I wouldnt have got it but now that I read the entire post it does look a bit like a claw.

Greensboro Daily Photo said...

So much interesting information the last few days. You must feel a little like "Bones" of the TV show, uncovering mysteries!

cieldequimper said...

I'll be waiting for your detective work.

Jacob said...

You know, sometimes you can be very sneaky!

And Ciel is just too darn smart.

Great post, though; lots of fun. Lois would probably be "draggin" me to see it up close and personal!

Francisca said...

Lois would not be the only one going up close and personal. Funny, I went to the previous post and also guessed sculpture before reading Ciel's and others' comments. But I certainly would not have known it to be a part of a Lingbi stone. These are best displayed in a green garden... or on a stretch of grass. Oh, and I am pleasantly surprised there is a Chinese Heritage group in Astoria; would never had guessed that either. [I was out for the weekend, so late to this party. :-) ]

JM said...


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