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Monday, December 6, 2010

Clouds of Winter

Warrenton, Oregon ~ November 2, 2010

I liked the sky over the highway and shopping center just on the other side of the Young's Bay Bridge. I also liked the seasonal banners hanging beside the parking lot. Whoever designs and chooses these does a nice job, I think. As Cieldequimper reminded me, November is still the fall season, but our November this year was so cold, I've been thinking of it already as winter.

Here's a better view of the banner.

I love the clouds, although looking at this photo makes me dizzy.

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kyungmee said...

beautiful sky!!

Jacob said...

Wonderful sky shots! We get those mottled clouds occasionally, too...very nice.

We've already had some unseasonably cold weather, too. I hate it. Supposed to go down to 23 tonight and that's simply illegal in Florida!!! It's a Canadian air mass. Or mess!

Nori said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Nori said...

fantastic shot!

Francisca said...

These are gorgeous sky shots, Sheryl! Fab!

JM said...

Great cloud formations!

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