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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Volleyball at Cannon Beach

Cannon Beach, Oregon ~ July 13, 2002

For the rest of November, and maybe longer, I will be focusing on photos outside of Astoria proper. Periodically I realize that I have not shown much of the nearby region, which is outstanding for any number of reasons. Each nearby community has its own distinct flavor and attractions, and yet we all feel related and connected here on the North Coast, which includes parts of both Oregon and Washington. From Astoria it takes a drive of two hours to reach Portland, and drive of about three hours to reach Seattle. (By contrast, Cannon beach is about 35 minutes south of Astoria.) Because of mountains and water, there is no "as the crow flies" connection to the big cities. We have some, but not much, public transportation to these cities, and the timetables and connections are not always convenient. Roads can be more difficult in bad weather, too. These "limitations" sometimes make us feel isolated, but they also keep us smaller and more regional while the big boxes and highways in this country take over so much that was once attractive (don't even get me started). In addition, the limiting factors keep our corner "at the end of the world" feeling like one related community.

Besides the local towns, this part of the world includes spectacular natural beauty. It's no wonder so many films have been made in the area. I will take you to some of these breathtaking and diverse spots over the next few weeks, often drawing on photos from the archives such as the one above from 2002. This was taken in front of a hotel in Cannon Beach. The volleyball net is out of range in this picture, but that's what's going on. Cannon Beach is known for its rocky coastline wonders, the most famous of which I'll show on another day. 

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Anonymous said...

What a load. I've lived here all my life and never felt "isolated". Maybe you do because you're from some far away big city, but you certainly don't speak for the locals.

paul said...

This image conveys a great sense of space, beautiful. And lots of gulls. Who needs a big city when you can have that?

Clytie said...

Amen to what Paul said! I'd be there in a heartbeat if it was possible!

P.S. Sounds like you hit a nerve with Anonymous. I guess they didn't read your entire post.

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