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Monday, November 1, 2010

Photo Contest: "Crab Pots and Train Station"

Guest Photographer: Jean B

Hi All! Thanks for your wonderful submissions throughout October. This was fun for me and I know from your comments that many people enjoyed the different views of Astoria. Although the contest is closed now, I will continue to post entries for (I think) the next seven days, which means that everything sent in will have its day of fame. Several of you sent in more than the one or two photos I had time to post during the month, so I'll be finishing up by posting all of one person's today, all of another person's tomorrow, etc. For one of you, I think it will take two days to post your pix. If I've counted right, this will add up to seven days, at which I'm I'll post the winning pictures. This also gives me a week's reprieve to make the the difficult decisions!

Today we have two photos by Jean B: "Colorful Crab Pots," above, and the "Astoria Train Station," sadly, not a very busy place these days, but picturesque.

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Francisca said...

It really has been fun seeing Astoria through the lenses of your guests, Sheryl! It'll be a tough decision to pick a winner. To me they've all been winners!

Halcyon said...

Oh, we have to pick a winner at the end? Eeeek!

I like the colorful crab pots. They need to find a new use for the old train station! It's too nice of a building to sit empty.

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