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Monday, November 15, 2010

Through the Trees at Oswald West

Oswald West State Park ~ August 8, 2002

The trail from the road down to this spot takes you through ferny rainforest and down to a creek which empties into the ocean. Then you can walk out onto the beach and along the rocks or hike up to Cape Falcon. Every view is breathtaking. The park is not named as the west part of "something," but is named for Oswald West, governor of Oregon from 1911 to 1915. Under his administration, the entire Oregon coastline was set aside in perpetuity for public use, which has to be one of the best moves a public servant ever made. Before moving to Salem, Oswald lived for a time in Astoria.

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JM said...

That's a beautiful place. Great shot too!

Anonymous said...

The West family were pioneer dairy folks on Clatsop Plains. West Lake was named for them and a lot of their former pastures are residential areas. Some descendants are still in the area and one of them even served a stint on the County Commission a few years back

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