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Sunday, November 7, 2010

Photo Contest: Four more from Debbie Loyd

Guest Photographer: Debbie Loyd

Fortunately, Debbie mentioned that this is "the trail or bike bath that cuts off of the river walk east of town." I would not have known that because I still have not gotten down that way. I hope to soon. It's really pretty. 

(Note, I've been out of town for the weekend, so my posting schedule is a bit off. I'm posting this on Sunday night, but I'll leave it up all of Monday. ~ Sheryl)

This sunset view will be familiar to Astorians, but since we have readers who have not been here, it's a wonderfully-timed shot of the Young's Bay Bridge crossing between Astoria (this side) and Warrenton. The bridge spans the mouth of Young's Bay where it flows into the Colombia River, on the right. It looks like it was taken from the vicinity of Alameda Street.

The photo above is called, "December Snow." It was taken December 22, 2008. We don't get snow every year, but there have been a couple of spectacular snow days in the past few years. This was certainly one of them. It's a nice overview of downtown Astoria as well.

The pilot boat dock at the end of 14th Street is a popular place to view the river. If you're lucky you get to see the boat charging in or out of the dock on its way to meet or return home from the big ships in the river. The river is not always this muddy, so it must have rained somewhere fairly recently.

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ruma said...

The expanse of the scene.
The fusion of the colors. . .

The Landscape can feel at ease for the heart.

Thank you.

B SQUARED said...

Debbie has a wonderful eye.

Jacob said...

Kudos to Debbie...she is a fine photographer.

Hope the weekend went well!

cieldequimper said...

That's my kind of alley there and oh what a gorgeous December shot.

JM said...

What a beautiful natural 'tunnel' on top!

Francisca said...

A lovely series of photos from Debbie. Would love to walk right into the first image...

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