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Saturday, November 6, 2010

Photo Contest: Three images of the Column from Carrie

Guest Photographer: Carrie Schwartzenberger

The first photo was taken inside the Astoria Column on Coxcomb Hill. I love what happens with the light and shapes!

At the top of the column, a door opens onto a spectacular view. Carrie sent two versions - as with the Cannery Pier Hotel and the old car, she's given us a tweaked version and the original.

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Gunn said...

The top photo is very nice and interesting!:)

Jacob said...

I really love how one can manipulate digital photos so easily...and come out with such great-looking images. That top one looks like a fish-eye image.

A quick update: Denise is home and improving...we'll be here for another week plus...but it's so good to see her feeling a bit better...

Hope you're improving, too!

Lee Spangler said...

great view of the staircase. I've looked up and never quite saw it the way she captured it.

JM said...

The top shot is brilliant!

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