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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Photo Contest: Five from Robbie Mattson

Guest Photographer: Robbie Mattson

The first two photos continue the Halloween theme. The first is the window of a new venue in town: Pier Pressure. I hadn't heard of it, but it sounds like a great new artistic addition to our community, so you might want to check it out here.

Next comes a close-up of one of the windows of our Halloween house from October 31. By the way, this house is owned by town founders, the Flavel family. They don't keep up or rent out most of their commercial properties, either, but those don't have the spooky charm of this place. All I know about those properties is, they are downtown, they are a mess, and I tried to rent one one time. Mrs. Flavel said she would show it to me "in the Spring" of whatever year that was. Someone else told me, "That will never happen," and of course it didn't. Long story, won't go into it now, but I know that many, many Astorians would like to see good tenants or new owners. The buildings beg to have someone care about them. Pigeons, rain, you get the picture. Someone said, "Every town has a family like that." I'm not sure if that's true, but Astoria sure does. Onward. . . .

Robbie said, "I couldn't let the contest pass by without my pictures of what feels like the real Astoria to those who grew up there. . . ." I have put the two photos in reverse order, so . . . "The second......A visit to Astoria is not complete without the Custard King. People think that it sells custard, but those that grew up in Astoria know it's just the best ice cream spot in town. A football game, and a stop at the Custard King to meet your friends in the parking lot, made a cold fall night complete."

Since we're in reverse order: "The first.....The Fisherman. Those that are my age (gradulate of the class of 1969) will remember the infamous cheer: "Lutefisk, Lutefisk, Lefse, Lefse - - - We are the Fishermen, Sure ya all, You Betcha". Unique cheer for Astoria!

"We can even recall The Fisherman being painted on the walls of the old Junior High gym (upper, not lower gym) where Kindergarten Cop was filmed, and the struggle each of us had trying to climb those darn ropes hanging from the ceiling of the old gym!"

Thanks so much for those bits of Astoria culture, Robbie! The photo above was taken in the town of Jewell, not too far away, where Robbie's "Jewell Garage" photo was also taken.

These were great. Thanks, Robbie! For the next few days, I'll continue posting contest photos that were sent in during October.

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Midnight Mike said...

Wow Robbie!!
Do you remember when Fritz Johnson painted the Big Fisherman (Stomper) and all the little sad-eyed fisherman on the wall of the gymnasium and they painted them out? Must have been around 1967 or so.

JM said...

Great set of pics! My favourite is the Halloween windows, it's really cool.

Felix said...

From those first two pictures, I couldn't really tell which one would stand out if those are the entries in the photo contest. The picture of the skull shows more creativity in it, while the second pictures emanate a sense of "creepiness". Given that the theme was Halloween, it’s a really tough call on who won. It's just my opinion, though. Anything can happen in a contest.

Felix Stendahl

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