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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Mouth of the river

Ron Lethene's Fishing Boat near the Mouth of the Columbia River August 14, 2006

As seen from this vantage point, it's other mouths one has in mind besides that of the river. It looks like an idyllic day. The weather can be changeable and a storm or shower come along at any time, but at the moment all looks balmy and bright.

We're in the river here, facing the spot where the Columbia pours into the Pacific Ocean. The bit of land to the left is the spit near South Jetty. On the right is the very picturesque Cape Disappointment in Washington, which I havn't shown yet.

The fishing boat is approaching Hammond, which you reach from Astoria by crossing Young's Bay Bridge and turning right.

The fish? Salmon.

Hood Photo Blog came to Astoria. We didn't meet, but she posted a pic of our beautiful city on her blog today. Check it out!

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cieldequimper said...

Ah... reminds me of my fishing days (not salmon though!)
Excellent working shot, I also liked yesterday's reflection photo, it was pinky Tuesday and could have been a Weekend Reflection too!

Don and Krise said...

It's no wonder the seagulls are his buddies. Great shot Sheryl. Your vantage point on this one makes the shot.

Hood Photo Blog said...

I posted a pic from your neck of the woods on my blog today, Sheryl ;) Have a good week!

Amy said...

ahh I love photos like this!

afv said...

My, it looks like a grand river and so big. Have a nice evening Sheryl.

Jacob said...

One of your best photos, Sheryl! Dynamite! Action, color,'s all there! Just love it!

kyungmee said...

Hi! I had to catch up on your posts;) I love this image and comentary! I don't know how you get so many of these moments..and always wonderful write ups!

VP said...

A great shot, salmon apart it looks quite familiar!

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