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Saturday, January 16, 2010

Hoegh Transit

Ship Hoegh Transit in Astoria, Oregon, by the crumbling docks The white of the ship nearly blends into the reflective gray sky on yet another rainy January day in Astoria, Oregon. I took this photo on January 10th. You hear comments around town about how one day seems almost like the next. More rain, and more rain. But I'm not ready to trade the place in yet, and I still love the rain.

There are a few things going on in this photo. Seeing the big ships come past like this makes the pulse quicken for sure. They come very near the riverbank here at the Cannery Pier Hotel before they pass beneath the big bridge and angle further toward the center of the river. The hotel is on the right, and I'll have pix of that another day. The crumbling structure you see here looks like an abandoned dock, but it's a bit more than that. The lighting was too poor to show it well, so I will save that for another day, too. It's pretty interesting to see a whole structure that once appeared to be blocks of solid ground just falling away into the river with light and water underneath it.

As you can see, the green buoy is tilted downriver, "current"ly leaning the way that the water flows, but it's not the flow of the river that determines which way the buoy leans, it's the tide. When the tide is flooding, you can see the buoys leaning upriver, against the current.

You may have to click on the photo to see the next thing. It is just to the left 0ut of sight in this picture. It's a field of old pilings where net-drying sheds used to stand in the middle of the river in the old days of horse seining - one of the colorful bits of Astoria's history.

The hills you see are in Washington.

I want to thank all of you who have visited my blogs and commented recently. I hope to make the rounds again this weekend. It's been a complex week in business and has taken most of my time. I look forward to surfing the CDP sites in a more relaxed way in the next couple of days. See you there!

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Day4plus said...

Excellent post, Sheryl----again.
How fortunate you are to see the big ships up close. I see them waiting in Padilla Bay to fill up at the refinery in Anacortes and going down Saratoga Passage to Seattle but they are at a distance.

Yes good old Rain--we get it too. When someone says how can you stand all the rain I just tell them that is why Washington is called the Evergreen State. I don't mind it either.

cieldequimper said...

I love your descriptive posts Sheryl, and wow, that was really close.

Oh, and it's been raining solid all day.

Don and Krise said...

Yep, another great post and hey,the rainy days really don't bother me either. I hope what you mean by complex is that business has been good lately.

Have a great weekend Sheryl!

Jacob said...

I always enjoy these shots of the ships and the river and the pilings and ... well, everything.

And your commentary is always so interesting and entertaining!

I'm intrigued and somewhat frightened of the power of the mentioned pieces of structure falling into the river...there isn't much that can withstand that power forever...

So, thank you! It is always a pleasure to visit you via your blogs and share in your vision of Astoria and the world!

VP said...

Your words complete the picture perfectly. Hope you have time for a bit of relax.

Amy said...

Love it! I use to work in a ferry building in central auckland 10 years or so ago and use to see big cargo ships like this come in.

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