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Sunday, January 3, 2010

A new year, new journeys

Glowing Orange Ship on the Columbia River, Astoria, Oregon Astoria, Oregon ~ September 16, 2009

This is for Lee of Bend, Oregon, Daily Photo, as he starts today on his Amizade Adventure.

As many of us are making Resolutions, you're beginning an amazing adventure in physical space as well as intellectual, emotional, spiritual. You'll be going by plane rather than by ship. And yet, may your anchor be a safety net, and not a tether; may there always be a warming glow at the center of your world; may the horizons await and the sky be limitless. Have a safe journey and an expansive experience. I wish you smooth sailing, now and always.

~ Tapirgal


VP said...

My best wishes for Lee and his journey. I read his post and I'm not sure to agree with everything he writes, but he's obviously a brave and honest man reaching out to help other people. So, honor to him!

VP said...

P.S. - How did you find my benches? Only two people know that link, my friend Stefano and Trillian!

Small City Scenes said...

Very touching, Sheryl. I know you are always in Lee's corner and will miss him, but you will keep in touch.
Keep us posted even if he can't. MB

Unseen Rajasthan said...

Oh this is so touchy !! nice post !

Raksha said...

Very moving, and I couldn't say it better myself. I'd just be a lot more long-winded about it!

Andreea said...

All the best to Lee on his journey. I love the September sky in today's photo, I think you picked the perfect shot to mark start of a journey. It looks peaceful yet dangerous, promising storms but also suggesting the peaceful state that follows a storm.

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