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Monday, June 22, 2009

Old store, new sign

Gimre's Shoe Store, Astoria, Oregon I usually buy my Tevas here on 14th Street. The sign says,

Gimre's Shoe Store
Oldest family Shoe Store in OR
Founded in 1892 by Sven Gimre
Bootmaker from Sola, Norway
Grandfather of present owners
Jon and Pete

The name you no longer see on the plaque (the same style plaque you see on other truly historic locations) is that of Kermit Gimre. He died in March 1998, a much-loved fixture of Astoria. Kermit was a son of Sven. Lee Spangler (Bend, Oregon, Daily Photo), said Kermit had a large quantity of wooden nickels made and would hand them out freely around town. You could turn in the wooden nickel for a discount in his store. Even though Kermit had died before I moved to Astoria, the old plaque with his name on it was around until this year or last, I believe. I have a photo of it somewhere, but I also found a photo online. You can see the older sign here. The Coast River Business Journal says, "Conrad and Maxwell Gimre Wolfard are from the fourth generation to sell shoes in the oldest family owned shoe store west of the Mississippi River."

The yellow lights and bit of reflection are my contribution to Mellow Yellow Monday.


Small City Scenes said...

What an interesting post. Wow, the same family in the same business--how great is that!

BTW, I met your friend Lee today as he passed nearby Stanwood on his way to Canada. I thoroughly enjoyed out brief visit. MaryBeth

Vogon Poet said...

Just found your blog and happened on this great story about this store and its plaque. It reminds me of many old shop here, now gone.
Very good post and nice image.

Regina said...

Nice and cool shot.

Lee Spangler said...

Your story evoked in me Kermit's face and voice. He told me never to be angry at anybody more than 24 hrs. He was always full of energy,upbeat and positive.

Jacob said...

Fascinating bit of history! May their shoe-selling continue!

Hope you have a wonderful day!

cieldequimper said...

Very nice post. Kermit. What a name.

Stephanie V said...

It's good to be reminded that not all is 'here today, gone tomorrow'. Thanks.

cieldequimper said...

Ciel is sky. Quimper when it isn't a peninsula in WA is a town in the Celtic westernmost part of France! Try googling Quimper in Bretagne (the French name for the Brittany region.)

Don and Krise said...

I love it when trades such as this are passed from generation to generation. I would definitely be inclined to do business there. P.S. The lights were a good contribution. I didn't know about the "Mellow Yellow" theme. Pretty cool. Thank you.

Karen said...

This is a very interesting post ... it's nice to know these little local tidbits !!

Love the touches of yellow :-)

Lynette said...

Very interesting post for your Mellow Yellow contribution. I also enjoyed catching up with your other recent posts. I imagine you'll never forget that concert. Wow!

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