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Friday, September 21, 2012

Drive-by Astoria #6: Small Boat, Big Sky

Astoria,Oregon ~ September 15, 2012
Young's Bay Bridge

As we rounded the traffic circle onto Young's Bay Bridge, I spotted this boat. It's a bit sleek-looking for around here. I had just been commenting on Livorno Daily Photo's blog that boats looking a certain way were rarely seen here, and then I saw this similar shape. The yacht on Livorno Daily is way more elaborate, though. Take a look.

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Lowell said...

This is such a beautiful scene. Those yachts are ubiquitous along the Florida shores. I can't imagine how so many people have so much money. I remember years ago in Ft. Lauderdale asking a dock worker how much a particular yacht cost and he said about $40 million. How must does he cost to fill it with diesel fuel? He said about $40,000. Ugh!

Small City Scenes said...

Super shot for sure. Love all the blue and even the sporty yacht is not much in the grand order of things. Big sky--big ocean. MB

VP said...

Any idea about the boat's name?

Lee Spangler said...

If any picture shows the vastness of the mouth of the Columbia, that one surely does. Beautiful color and whitecaps with wind out of the NW.

Pat Tillett said...

Wow! The river looks huge in this photo! I'd say that boat (or ship) would look more at home in Miami, Monte Carlo, or Newport Beach.

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