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Saturday, September 8, 2012

Blue but Not Dismal

Dismal Nitch, Washington ~ August 24, 2012

Dismal Nitch, Washington, was dismal for Lewis and Clark, but not for most visitors, who enjoy glorious views east, west, and back across the river to Astoria. Everything looks blue here. My lens had to cope with four miles of reflective river between Astoria and the visitor turnout where I stood to take the photo. 

They're painting the bridge, which makes for interesting drapery. Christo could possibly be envious! 

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Nori said...

I like blue and this is definitely not dismal! I love blue river and sea!!

Lowell said...

Welcome back!!! Hope that you are feeling good. It must help living in such a beautiful area with all this incredible water.

Christo is in court in Colorado defending his plan to deface southwestern Colorado and the Arkansas River with his drapings. Ugh!

raf said...

Nice shot of the fishermen, bridge and Astoria, Sheryl. Capturing the blue haze above the river makes me sense the smell of the briny water even more. Welcome back!

Pat Tillett said...

A beautiful blue scene with a lot of things in it. Very nice!

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