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Wednesday, September 12, 2012


Astoria, Oregon ~ September 12, 2012

I've always liked this antique building that sells antiques on Marine Drive. I'm not sure if it's open for business. I think it's been closed for a very long time, but if anyone knows, I'm interested. I could try to notice next time I go by. If I remember, it used to look closed even when it was open.

I like the details, like the odd-shaped windows and those things with the flowers. Deco decor, I would imagine. The front door, such as it is, is around to the right on Marine drive. What you see here is a paved alley.

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Lowell said...

I dunno, looks like it's closed but I'd have to see the front. And there are cars parked there which might be employee's cars. I wonder what it was used for originally.

You may have to stop and check it out. :-)

Paxton said...

It was originally a Dairy building.
Now I think it is a private residence upstairs and a plumbing shop in the basement. I have been to garage sales here in the past and it was/is? full of collectables.

tapirgal said...

Thanks, Paxton. I almost thought it looked farm-like, but I guess it would have been where the dairy products were dispersed after being brought in from the farm. I was inside once and remember collectibles. I assumed that was a clearance sale, but I guess not. Interesting. I'll keep watching.

DogsDontPurr said...

Hello, I just stumbled on your blog while looking for pictures of my building. And yes, Marine Drive Antiques has been closed for many years. (And even when we were open, our hours were unpredictable!) But we are finally back in business once more. We'll be open for most of the summer, from noon till 5~ish most days. I hope you'll stop in and have a look. Cheers! ~Marcie

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