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Thursday, September 20, 2012

Drive-by Astoria #5: Sleeping under the Bridge

Astoria, Oregon ~ September 15, 2012
Marine Drive

It looks like the bridge is sitting right on top of the Holiday Inn Express. Not exactly, but it's very close! Some of you may remember the series of photos I took from the hotel in 2010. One of the images was my favorite "Astoria Daily" photo of the year. Here is the rest of the series:

We've come down from the Bond Street hill to the intersection of Bond Street and Marine Drive. Does anyone remember the sign on the marquee from when the hotel was first built? It said, "Where Sleeping  under the Bridge is. . . . " and I can't remember the rest of it! The sign disappeared after awhile. Maybe somebody thought it was politically incorrect?

(Aha! Michael E. McDaniel found it on TripAsvisor. The sign read, "Where sleeping under the bridge is a good thing." Thanks, Michael!)

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Lowell said...

Funny and fun shot! Not sure I'd get a good night's sleep with that thing hanging close by over my head!

VP said...

I am not sure I would like that!

Pat Tillett said...

It's all about the angles and you got a great one here. Great photos! If it was really right over the hotel, I wouldn't stay there for even one night!

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