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Saturday, December 10, 2011

Gray Day

Astoria, Oregon ~ November 21, 2011

Although I took this photo on November 21st, it could almost be today. After days of cold sunshine, it's been raining and everything outside my window is deep gray. 

I don't mind, but I had thought of taking product photos today for my online store, and the lighting didn't cooperate. My overhead "daylight" fluorescent does a pretty good job, but it helps to have some light from the window. I guess I'll take the day off and get the photos another time.

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Lowell said...

You have proven once again my belief that gray days can result in great photographs! You wouldn't have gotten this mysterious shot and those lovely lights in the mist on a bright, sunny day! :-)

Keep pushing that shutter no matter the weather!

Clytie said...

We have had so much gray lately, I have hardly taken a photo at all! My little point-n-shoot camera makes the pictures come out very grainy unless there is at least some light around!!!

I love this shot you got - it captures the gray mood perfectly!

Lee Spangler said...

Once in a while it is great to be in sunny California as a reminder that lots of people have as many sunny days as you have gray days. Of course you can feel gray anywhere.

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