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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Chinese Junk: Colorful Boat, Colorful History

Astoria, Oregon ~ December 4, 2011

While it's unusual to see a Chinese junk on the Astoria waterfront, it's not the first time this little fishing sailboat has been here. Details of the junk, Flying Dragon, can be seen in this ad as she is shown and described for potential buyers.

Thanks to info from Joanne Rideout, the Commodore Hotel, Elleda Rhiannon Wilson, Twitter, and Facebook, I learned that the boat was rescued off of Clatsop Spit by the Coast Guard on Monday after the junk had taken on an awfully big drink of the ocean.

Both of the links below are fascinating and full of information. The podcast link will tell you more about the Flying Dragon and The Ship Report is always a great source of info about current shipping events.

. The Ship Report podcast by Joanne Rideout
. The Ship Report Web site by Joanne Rideout.

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cieldequimper said...

Good grief, it's a junk as in 'jonque' in French. I thought at first that you had posted Chinese junk... :-)

Lowell said...

Nice looking junk! I think you should buy it and move onto the water. It would be so peaceful and think of all beautiful photos you could take!

Lee Spangler said...

to be sailing at the mouth of the Columbia you should be in a boat like the one behind this little guy.

Clytie said...

It's absolutely beautiful - I love the lighting you captured!!!

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