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Friday, December 9, 2011

Craig W. Holznagel Memorial Wayside

Jewell Meadows Wildlife Area, Oregon ~ December 3, 2011

Of course, this beautifully-situated tree with Saddle Mountain in the background is what first caught my attention. It's an idyllic setting, and we have a chance to see Saddle Mountain from the side opposite the one usually seen from the Astoria area. 

Then I noticed there was something beneath the tree. In its scenic and exclusive location is a memorial to Craig W. Holznagel who died at the age of 42. The plaque indicates that he must have loved the elk here. The text told me that the plaque was a collaboration between Craig's family, the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife and the Oregon Wildlife Heritage Foundation. I figured I could learn more about Craig when I got home and looked him up online. Not so. The only places where I found his name either wanted to charge $39.95 for information that might not be relevant or a monthly fee for something similar.

With such a prominent memorial, I thought there should be more. Can any of you help me with this? I'll post the information on this blog and Craig will be able to be discovered from today forward. Thanks!

By the way, I've added some links to the post about the Chinese junk, Flying Dragon.

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Lowell said...

It certainly is a lovely area ... where the elk roam and nary is heard a discouraging word ...

I cannot help you but I'll try, OK?

Lee Spangler said...

Don't know the guy either, but once again as I have said before, your talent as a photographer and thinker is so apparent by the way you find beauty and importance in the detail.

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