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Saturday, November 26, 2011


Astoria, Oregon ~ November 25, 2011

The colors clash in this photo taken yesterday at what's left of the 6th Street Pier. They go with the mood. The destruction is equally as complete on the other side of the pier, but I chose to post this picture today since I was initially focused on the ship, which seemed to be much closer to land than I usually see them at this point. It may be an illusion. When seen from even a block further onshore, the ships look terribly close. They recede visually as you approach the waterline. I don't remember when the viewing platform received this coat of paint, but I much preferred the previous look, which blended better with the natural and man-made elements.

The Cannery Cafe is gone (burned beyond saving in that horrendous fire and now razed by heavy equipment) which all makes me feel sad, but the condos slated for that space of open water were put on hold in 2008 when the economy tanked. I can't say I'm sorry about that. Astoria's setting and vistas are what give it its charm. The rest is gravy.

The ship is Power Loong, registered in Panama.

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Francisca said...

I don't like the colors of the viewing platform either. They're not blending in nor making a statement.

Tasha's Mom said...

I got married at the viewing platform on October 11th, 2010. I had tried to get a permit for this, but the city wouldn't give it saying that it was slated to be painted that week. In fact, I have a very funny message on my phone warning me that they might be painting it DURING the wedding. I took my chances since it was a Monday holiday anyway...

Here are photos from that day:
which include shots of Gunderson's and of the groom arriving by trolley. (photos by Carrie Ank and David Plechl)

So it had to have been painted between Nov 12th and Dec 17th, 2010. Hopefully the colors will fade to something more like the old ones.

Lee Spangler said...

On my recent trip to Ca. all I saw were areas that I thought looked better in an earlier time. Nonetheless it is hard to spoil the river with its wonderful ships. (some which need painting?)
Just hope that something remotely tasteful will be built adjacent to this lovely location.

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