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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

A Pumpkin between Holidays

Astoria, Oregon ~ November 22, 2011

For several weeks now I've been eyeing this fat pumkin outside the Astoria Co-op. I mean, how can you miss it? Girth aside, it looks comfortably settled on the hard concrete. Does it worry about being cold? Is it happy to be singled out because of its size to have a life beyond the vegetable baskets inside the store? To be singled out because of its unique shape to be an object of attention? Will it be cast away or eaten when the holiday is over? I anthropomorphize and I wonder. What else are you going to do when an object like this becomes part of your landscape? 

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Francisca said...

I've already had my fill of "spiritual" debate this week, so I will refrain from addressing the issue of whether this pumpkin is sentient. But I will say it sure is HUGE and it sure is a weird shape! LOL!

Halcyon said...

It looks a little sad to me. Like he might melt into the sidewalk at any time. Too bad he didn't have a more productive life, like becoming a jack o'lantern or filling for pumpkin pie!

PS: Nice benches!

Lee Spangler said...

Too bad it isn't filled with beans. It looks like it would make fun comfortable seat.

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