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Friday, July 2, 2010

Things to Explore in Tapiola Park

Tapiola Park Playground May 31, 2009

There's lots for youngsters to climb on and explore in Tapiola Park on the south side of the Astoria hill, but today may not be the day, as it's been either pouring or drizzling for two days. We've had a few exceptionally nice days this season - the rest is rain and overcast skies.

In my last post, I showed the Tot Lot of the playground. In this post, even earlier, I showed someone using the skate park a few yards away, which was made from an old swimming pool.

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cieldequimper said...

Looks like fun but I prefer Sibelius' tone poem!

Halcyon said...

This looks so fun! We have a similar park here in Jackson. I made my husband take me once. It was neat. I have a picture somewhere on my blog. But no time to search now.

Jacob said...

What strikes me about this is the lack of color. Our kids playgrounds are filled with bright and vivid colors.

The other day I played golf with a fellow who likes to ride bikes across country (that's bicycles, not motorcycles!)...his name is Mike Miller.

He's got a fascinating website. Google Tourdemiller and take a look at the 2007 journey from Oregon to New Hampshire. There are several photos from Astoria there which, when I saw them, made me jump up and yell, "Hey, I saw those places on Sheryl's blog!"

Small City Scenes said...

I bet it is called 'Tapioca Park' LOL

One of the elementary schools in Maryville--down the road---has this idea as it's playground. MB

VP said...

I like this place, I'd like to give a hand building those structures.
Thanks ciel, I was just thinking what Tapiola reminded me of.

Clytie said...

Looks like heaven-in-a-park for kids!

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