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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

There Goes the Couch

15th Steet, Commercial Avenue, Marine Drive After shouting about this dumped couch on the blog and on Facebook, making phone calls, and finally putting it on craigslist (with no calls and no takers, but then it had a broken leg and didn't smell that good), Lee finally paid Don Sparks to come and haul it away. It was cheaper than paying the waste management company, but it also should not have been our problem. Francisca was right in her comment. Someone needs to re-think the incentives (or lack of) and the process of disposing of these cast-offs. (Maybe someday they will all be made of recyclable modules, but that's another story.) There was another interesting comment about thrift stores going out of business because they also have to find a way to dispose of the junk that is pawned off on them rather than only the things someone would want to buy. I've noticed that it's very hard to get thrift stores around here to take anything, because they are overloaded anyway.

By the way, this intersection is 15th Street and Marine Drive. The lower part of the building on the right is Area Properties. Lee owned the business before he retired, and it's now owned by mother-daughter team Barb and Meagan.

Don's truck is not going the wrong way (see the sign), but the block is only a few yards long here, as Commercial and Marine Drive converge going opposite directions. The "One Way sign is for Commercial Street. Here's a view of that short block from the east with Marine Drive on the right and Commercial on the left. The building in the middle is Area Properties.

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B SQUARED said...

The sad thing is, more often than not, they wind up in land fills.

Halcyon said...

I'm sorry you couldn't get someone to come pick it up. I've always had good luck with Craig's List and Freecycle. But maybe the people in my neck of the woods are more "needful".

Francisca said...

Bye bye couch. Thank you, Lee.

There are thrift stores and second hand stores for the penurious; and now there are "previously owned" (or just "pre-owned") boutiques for the parsimonious. :-) While these types of establishments may be failing in the USA, they are just being introduced here in the Philippines, especially for clothing... imported from [can you guess?] the USA! I think it's a marvelous niche in the global recycling effort.

Clytie said...

I'm so sorry you had no takers on the couch. I suppose someone thought they were doing things the right way - instead of dumping it over the edge of the canyon into the creek - as they are wont to do around here.

That one-way sign does look a little misleading, by the way. :=}

Lee Spangler said...

2nd and thrift stores are squeezed out by multi national non profits(what a joke!) (pay no taxes) like Goodwill and Salvation army.

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