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Thursday, July 1, 2010

Lighthouse Park, Warrenton

Lighthouse Park, Warrenton, Oregon March 21, 2010

Lighthouse Park, at the main crossroads in Warrenton near the Skipanon River, consists of a small museum and maritime memorial (the gazebo on the left), a bell, a bench (not shown here), and a harpoon gun with harpoons. I showed the gun an harpoons in an earlier post where we ended up talking a lot about whaling, ships, and local history. There were many wonderful comments from those who knew the people, and you might want to revisit the post. You can barely make out the harpoon gun in the picture above as a black spot to the left of the charming white lighthouse building. I called that post, "History in Hammond." Hammond was once an incorporated town, but is now part of Warrenton. I've never been sure where one ends and the other begins.

I'm guessing the lighthouse was moved here, as it wouldn't do ships any good at this location. The Skipanon is very small, and the Columbia is a few blocks away.

Lighthouse Park, Warrenton, Oregon
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Anonymous said...

I dont think there ever was a lighthouse in Warrenton prope that the park comemorates-perhaps the closest actual lightouse to Warrenton was a beauty of one on the tip of Desdemona Sands that was very important in the pre radar days. There's still a blinker there on a dolphin that us oldtimers still call "the lighthouse".

Here's a link to a pic of the long gone original Desdemona Light:

Francisca said...

What a pretty little building... a cosy home for the lighthouse keeper.

cieldequimper said...

It's a lovely little lighthouse and yes, I imagine that apart from guiding drivers... ;-)

Small City Scenes said...

I think everyone loves a lighthouse so as part of a park it is great. MB

Gayle said...

Although I'm not sure where the official line between Warrenton and Hammond was in the old days, as kids we considered Bioproducts the dividing line.

Clytie said...

It really is quaint ... though I agree it had to have been moved there - too far from the water to do much good, eh? Except now, as part of the park.

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