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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Diamonds in the Evening

Light on the water, Pier 11, Astoria, Oregon July 19, 2010

The sun made diamonds on the water between Pier 11's banquet room and waterfront fish packing equipment. The small shiny spots at the left-hand side of the photo midway up indicate the wood decking where the River Walk and Riverfront Trolley both make their way along the river. A fishing boat is docked on the right. I think the glass of the restaurant may be tinted but I did not desaturate.

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Francisca said...

I much prefer these kinds of diamonds over the stone ones. Precious!

B SQUARED said...

Even I can afford these diamonds.

Clytie said...

Nature's Jewels! I would SO wear a necklace made of these! What a gorgeous and magical moment.

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