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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Western Grebe

Astoria, Oregon ~ December 7, 2011

I think this must be a western grebe, although it has similar features to Clark's grebe. The head looks rounder to me, but then I know so little about birds. I'm sorry the photo isn't sharper. The grebes don't come in as close to shore as some of the other birds, and they will "run" as soon as they see me. There are plenty of fish and crustaceans in the Columbia River to keep a bird like this happy.

This red-eyed water bird is part of my current water bird series. Thanks to one of the blog's readers for asking for more local water birds!

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Lowell said...

I think I would agrebe that this is just ducky! Maybe you could dress in a western grebe costume and get closer?

Just kidding! It's not a bad shot at all and fun for me 'cause I don't recall seeing such a fowl anywhere in these parts!

Are you still progressing?

Halcyon said...

A very interesting bird. I like his little red eye. He looks sort of young as his feathers seem to have that fluff. :)

Lee Spangler said...

wonderful description of an amazing diving bird. Decided to look them up in Wiki... unique they swim by propelling with feet rather than wings. Morphological similarity to flamingos.. Go figure!

Pat Tillett said...

I don't know one Greeb from another, but I do know this is nice photo of one!

Anonymous said...

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Very well done.
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