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Saturday, February 12, 2011

More of the Mural: Cats and Dogs

Astoria, Oregon ~ January 31, 2011
Mural by Jo Brown behind the Sears Store

Today's post features cats and one wary dog on the mural behind the Sears store on the River Walk.

I thought I'd feature this cat watching the rain on a day when Weather Underground tells us, "...A return to a more active weather pattern over southwest Washington and northwest Oregon has begun and will continue through most of next week...After a relatively benign weather period that has lulled the area in[to] Tranquility...mother nature will shake things up again." They're talking about wind and rain, nothing "cat"astrophic, and nothing unusual, but I know a lot of us have enjoyed the sun and blue skies recently.

What do you imagine this cat is thinking about the rain?

By the way, if you like animals, I invite you to visit one of my other blogs, "Animal Art Along the Way." It's become quite a fun and interesting collection of animals depicted in many guises. Today's post is quite commercial, but these animals come from all over the world and in many unique forms. You can sign up to get the posts delivered by e-mail, too. Thanks for visiting!

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~Cheryl said...

This is great! I didn't really see the dog in the earlier post; the cats stole the show until now. What a wonderful mural!

Francisca said...

I am so enjoying this mural, Sheryl! But don't ask me what a cat is thinking... My mate is a Leo... a pussycat of sorts, and I wouldn't try to second guess him either! :-D

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