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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The Bridge of the Wadi Albostan

Astoria, Oregon ~ February 15, 2011

The subdued light gave me a chance to get a good exposure of the bridge of one of the big cargo ships, Wadi Albostan., as it makes its way to Longview, Washington, to pick up soya meal (see The Ship Report by Astorian Joanne Rideout; you can also listen to her wonderful and informative report with only a click of the link in the upper left of the page). 

Usually when I try to capture the bridge, it simply burns out against the darker background. I also got lucky and got a lovely light reflection in the red area of this ship. As you can see below, the light bridge is reflected on the surface of the river and the light bounces back to the hull of the ship.

That's the Pacific Fantasy (at anchor and going upriver to pick up potash) behind Wadi Albostan, and you can see the pilot boat transferring the river pilot to the ship for the trip upriver.

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VP said...

These pictures are a delight: you can see almost the whole ship passing, a thing almost impossible here if not a very few faraway places of the port.

Anonymous said...

I recently visited a park on the Delaware River and the shipping channel is fairly close - so much so that a 100mm focal length is about the max you can use and get a large ship. I just need to visit it on a nice day and wait for something good.

Nice shot, I love big ships!

cieldequimper said...

Oh these are both fantastic!

Jarart said...

Your pictures make me wish to be there!

Francisca said...

Pretty close to home, this one, eh, Sheryl? The lighting really does make the photos... Container ships aren't typically very romantic to look at, but these images are great.

Gary said...

I was searching for the etymology of the Wadi Albostan and I stumbled on your blog in the process. I represent the ship agency that is "taking care of" the vessel while it calls Subic Port in the Philippines. Just wild how the internet shrinks the world.

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