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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Goodbye to Andrew & Steve's

Astoria, Oregon ~ January 31, 2011

Sometime in the last couple of months, Andrew and Steve's Restaurant closed its doors after a career of almost 95 years. In this case, it wasn't the economy to blame, but simply the march of time. Although I hadn't eaten there in a number of years, it was one of the first places I met people in Astoria when joined Toastmasters. That was a short-lived but welcoming experience. Above, you see the place from the back, which is right along the River Walk across from Baked Alaska (Doc's on 12th Street). It's also next door to the Sears building with its incredible murals. The front entrance to the building is on the corner of 12th Street and Marine Drive.

The rear of the building is also the location for this painting of historic Astoria. There are at least two or three others I'm aware of in the same size format and bolted onto different buildings along this stretch.

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Lee Spangler said...

restaurant business are tough. Ths one never quite was able to change with the times. I also don't know how the ownwer's other location "Stephanie's Cabin " is doing. R: the artwork. I always liked this one since the Arts Commission did its beautification of the Riverwalk in 19988, but others were downright silly and failed to enhance the history of the area.

Francisca said...

It's true that businesses unable to keep up with changing consumer demands eventually fade away and die. Nonetheless, I like their sign and at last this mural is wonderful. I hope they get saved.

cb said...

Keep up with the times? What keep up with the times? What weren't they "keeping up" with? The doors closed 'cause the folks got old and wanted to retire, their kids were already doing other ventures and said they didn't want to keep it open.

Francisca said...

Point well taken, CB. MY first point may be besides the point, but I still hope - not knowing who owns them - that the murals survive the owners' retirement. :-)

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