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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Without Feathers

Baby Seagull July 18, 2010

Baby Seagull
Where the seagulls nest has been somewhat of a mystery to me. I've seen nests on the other side of the peninsula on pilings, but it was hard to believe that these birds would lay their eggs and raise their young in such a vulnerable spot. As it turns out, they often pick vulnerable spots, such as on pilings where water constantly washes into the nest. On July 18, this baby seagull appeared on the deck next door. When I called the wildlife rescue people, they told me the gulls often nest on the top of the building where they are easy prey for weasles. At first I thought this baby didn't look too healthy, but it seems to have been OK, because it appeared again the next day walking normally. The parents were keeping watch and scaring away crows. The wildlife rescue people said they would come out on the first day, but I had to leave and I didn't see them. After its second appearance, the gull has disappeared, and I feel that it probably met an uhappy fate, with no feathers to fly. However, I'm hoping it lived to fledge and fly. I also learned from a recent sad news story about people baiting and shooting these birds across the river in Washington, that harming or killing them is illegal due to the Migratory Bird Treaty Act between the U.S., Canada and Mexico. I'm glad they at least have some legal protection.

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JM said...

So cute! I hope this story has had a happy end.

Francisca said...

I think he/she looks sad... but what pretty colors that pre-feather fuzz is.

Clytie said...

I have never seen a seagull nest, nor a baby gull. I hope this one made it, I really do.

Anonymous said...

they all aren't meant to survive and shouldnt be expected to. If they were we would not have any other waterfowl...Seagulls are rapacious predators of baby ducks, geese and every other small bird it can get in its mouth. I have seen a few gulls decimate a mama ducks brood in minutes when mama mistakingly let the babies follow her from the protection of tall grass to paddle across open water. the adult gulls swooped down and carried off every hatchling she had. Dont grieve for Seagulls, they are not nice birds at all. Most of them nest on the steep headlands and rocks dotting the coast and they have a very good survival rate.

B SQUARED said...

In hindsight, it's amazing we survived.

Halcyon said...

Seagulls are not my favorite birds, but seeing this poor lonely fellow sure tugs at my heart.

As you anon commentor said, it's the laws of nature that some of them won't make it.

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