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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Gull's-Eye View of the Cannery Pier Hotel

Cannery Pier Hotel from the Holiday Inn Express July 6, 2010

From the 4th floor window in the Holiday Inn Express, we could look beneath the Astoria-Megler Bridge to the Cannery Pier Hotel. We had thought of staying there instead, and maybe we'll do it another time (just so you can have some new views :) You can imagine how close it is to the shipping channel, which comes very near this bank to pass under the bridge.

The triangle of gray at the lower left is the River Walk. You can see two tiny benches near the water in a small park. Beyond that is the Maritime Memorial seen in this post. The white buildings and boats are West Mooring Basin, and I'll have a better picture on another day. You are not seeing ocean. The mouth of the river is approximately on the horizon to the right. The Columbia River bends in a L shape here, and the ships coming upriver go along from right to left, then apparently go behind the Cannery Pier Hotel, then angle toward the bridge. They go out the same way, making a bend in the river and staying much nearer our Oregon side of the river. You can click on any of the keywords below to see more related images.

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Halcyon said...

Are these oyster farms? Those sticks sticking up out of the water remind me of oyster farms down here. Or at least what we used to have down here.

Nice view in any case. Very calm.

Oregongirl said...

No, the sticks sticking out of the water there are old pilings that buildings were built on years ago, probably canneries, since Astoria was and is a great fishing town. They probably processed salmon or tuna there. But unfortunately the "sticks" are all that's left of alot of the old buildings of Astoria.

Anonymous said...

the piling directly beneath the bridge were where the old Union Fish boatshop/repair/yard was-before that it was part of the Wilson Brother's shipyards...the piling field closer to where the motel is was the foundation of the the net racks of Union Fish.

AndyEm said...

I used google maps in street view to "drive" across the bridge toward Astoria. What a pretty place... much hillier than I imagined.

Francisca said...

I like how you've included the bridge to frame the photo. Nice.

cieldequimper said...

Yes, please do, I really like the view!

Do you think I ought to try a Versailles hotel?!!

B SQUARED said...

You really did have a great view.

VP said...

I could take a vacation just here with a tripod and a camera!

Unknown said...

I believe you have reversed the description. Ships moving from right to left are outgoing.

Sometime you might want to get a shot of a buoy leaning with the outgoing tide and then leaning with the incoming tide.

The fact that the entire Columbia River turns around and runs backwards at high tide is one of the most astonishing thing to me.

tapirgal said...

Hi Unknown,

That's a good idea about the buoys reversing direction. Thanks for your thoughts.

Regarding the direction of ships, they go right to left way back near the horizon, as the mouth of the river is to the right in this photo. Once they get somewhere behind the buildings from this vantage point, they begin going left to right. They make a sweeping curve along the riverbank (or coastline as it appears here!).

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