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Sunday, November 22, 2009

Do we get the message?

Slippery When Wet and Bicycle Safety Sign at Pier 11, Astoria, Oregon These signs are clearly posted on the dock, but what's not as clear if you're not familiar with Astoria is that this is also part of the River Walk, so the foot traffic and bike traffic are fairly constant in all weather, and the boards do get slippery. I know.

But the second sign is not warning about wet boards. The cyclist has come to grief in the spaces between the planking. I usually ride in the other direction, where the walk is paved, but it can be fun to ride along the planked part of the walk. I have hybrid tires, which helps some, but I find myself making wide turns and cutting strange diagonals across the decking so as not to get into a groove and end up looking all too much like the guy on the white sign. It can happen.

I took this photo on the wharf at Pier 11 on a day recently that was less rainy than today. The white buildings are part of a working fish processing plant where I took this photo earlier in the year. I don't know where summer went. I never did get back to show the fish processing right along the edge of the River Walk. Maybe next year, OK? Or maybe I'll find a pic in the archives and bring it out on a rainy day.


Vogon Poet said...

Careless people, who would need more this kind of signs, are probably the only ones who don't read them, or read them the and simply don't care. It's a circular argument.

cieldequimper said...

Dontcha worry, we'll wait. This reminds me of people who go skiing off the beaten tracks in the Alps when they have been warned of avalanche risks. They die and then their families sue the state. Same for the idiots would-be sailors who go out to sea when a storm is forecasted.
Anyway, what I would really, really like to see is a video of you making wide turns and diagonals here!

Small City Scenes said...

Maybe we all need a sign that says "use your brain" but then again there are many brain dead among us.

About your last post---what an interesting Naval ship. I did google it and was pleased to find that the original was made here--
The first vessel of the type (FSF 1) was constructed at the Nichols Bros. Boat Builders shipyard at Freeland, Washington, under contract to Titan Corporation, a subsidiary of L-3 Communications.[1][4][5] Nichols Shipyard was selected because of their previous experience in the construction of aluminum-hulled high speed ferries.

I post about Nichols Brothers a while back.
Small world eh? MB

Jacob said...

Please heed that second sign, especially. It's a dramatic and funky sign so should garner some attention.

Not that people pay much attention to such things.

You mean summer's over?


Lee Spangler said...

Having been a rider, it is easy to get in the groove, so to speak!

Don and Krise said...

I like to cycle myself. Once you've been riding a while you tend to watch the surface you're riding on. It's just a common sense thing. I do love the dramatic signs though.

Gary said...

I used to have to post signs at work and in retrospect, I think they ended up just being disclamers for the company. In general, people don't read signs - likely as they are posted everywhere. We have become a disclamer society - so those times that warnings are done for the right reasons, they don't get read - we're overloaded. "But officer, I didn't know I was supposed to be driving 55!" or "side effects include, drousiness, upset stomach and certain death," (but we take it anyway).

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