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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Work is Our Joy

39th Street, Astoria, Oregon ~ Fall 2012
This is the Hanthorn Cannery on Pier 39.  Many Astorians spent time working in the old Cannery before it closed in 1980.  Have any stories of working here?
The exterior of the building now shows part of a quote from an old fisherman, "Work is our joy."  Here is the rest of the quote:
The beginning is always hard,
Industry overcomes bad luck,
Work is our Joy.
Today, the Hanthorn Cannery at Pier 39 features the Fishermen's Suites --- these are wonderful high end luxury suites in a most unique and beautiful setting.  Rogue Public House, the Coffee Girl and a scuba and kayak rental company are among the tenants that now occupy the cannery space.  There is also a small museum about the history of the cannery.
Cyndi Mudge, Guest Blogger

Astoria, Oregon, Daily Photo is sponsored by Tapir and Friends Animal Store.


Ali Crehan said...

I like that quote very much!

Lowell said...

Work is our joy? Sounds like something from one of the former Soviet "republics." :-)

Lee Spangler said...

let's not forget "Arbeit macht frei" the famous slogan above the gates of Concentration Camps.

Cyndi Mudge said...

Commercial fishermen are very proud of their livelihood and passing it down to the next generation. It's just reflective of their work ethic, which pretty much describes my own views. You have to truly love what you do to understand some of the sentiment, I think.

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