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Sunday, February 10, 2013

Hiking in Astoria

Astoria Trails ~ Feb 10, 2013
Anyone recognize this tree?  It's taller than the Column, which is where the hiking trail leads to!  A tad muddy in parts, the trail is a great way to get to the Column on a lazy weekend afternoon.  Ran into a lot of locals today!  We love our trails.  Cyndi Mudge, Guest Blogger

Astoria, Oregon, Daily Photo is sponsored by Tapir and Friends Animal Store.


Lowell said...

I'm not sure but I believe I've seen this tree before. It was posted on your blog and is in the hills above the shore. :-)

Cyndi Mudge said...

This is the Cathedral Tree. There is a trailhead on Lexington Avenue on the east end of town that is well maintained. The tree is only about a half mile from the trailhead and another mile takes you to the Astor Column!

tapirgal said...

I knew that tree at one time, but I thought the trunk was brown. I wonder if I remembered wrong or if it's dying. I hope it's my memory!

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