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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Life Along the River

Astoria River Walk ~ February 19, 2013
The sun was out making a perfect day to hit the River Walk.  Love this view from the railroad tracks.  Lots of locals spend time along the River Walk. Young people have their first kiss here; families make it an outing; dog walkers show of their pooches here while old couples share a few smooches here.  There was a make-shift memorial near the Museum where a family mourned the loss of a loved one.  There have been wedding photos taken along the walk and celebrations enjoyed here. Tourists enjoy the barking sea lions while fishermen climb over their lumpy bodies to get to their vessels.
 Do you have a special moment on the River Walk to share?
Astoria, Oregon, Daily Photo is sponsored by Tapir and Friends Animal Store and Astoria Sunday Market.


Kimberly said...

i walk the river walk often with my dog. i have some beautiful photos.... i have photos from all over astoria, actually... be happy to share some.

kimberly reed

Lowell said...

I've never been to this River Walk, but I would like to visit. This is a fine photo, so well-composed and the light is terrific. It's also very interesting with the combination of vertical pilings and horizontal track.

I've been to the River Walk in San Antonio but that's a different kind of experience! :-)

tapirgal said...

Great view that I rarely get to see. I like the juxtaposition of the angles of wood.

JM said...

Wonderful composition! Love the shot and the place.

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