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Thursday, November 29, 2012

Compulsive Edit

Astoria, Oregon ~ November 26, 2012

This sign in the parking garage under the Park Building on Exchange Street always bugged me, but it looks like it bugged someone with a marking pen even more. However, it was (and is) pleasant to conjure up a tropical island on a drizzly, dark day in Astoria's only under-building parking area.

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Lowell said...

That's funny. Are you sure you didn't put the "A" there? You think spelling is bad now, wate until u c what's happening w/ r kids in skool thees days!

Lee Spangler said...

OMG after all these years of us laughing about this..finally someone had the the curage!

Anonymous said...

I wonder what a tropical aisle would look like?? It's nice to know Astoria has a Spelling and Grammar Crusader running around with a Sharpie.

Ali Crehan said...

Ha! I have been tempted so many times to do just such a thing - I don't think it counts as graffiti if proper grammar English is at stake. ;-)

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