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Thursday, November 15, 2012

Bright New Paint

Astoria, Oregon ~ November 15, 2012

Welcome to a bright, sunny, winter's day. I've posted this basic shot a number of times (as it's easy to get to, and always changing in some way). Today the radio tower has new paint. This happened over the summer, and now I wish I'd gotten photos of the guy in the cage being hauled up and down. It seems that tower-painting is is a specialty job, and a family came up from southern Oregon to tackle it. They were nice, and hung around for a few days until it was done. Sorry about the skewed tower. I tried to skew the buildings straight, and now the tower looks drunk.

A French Connection:

I have a request from Belgium. A follower of this blog, Gwenola Bonnessoeur, is a young French woman from Reims, now studying in Brussels. She loves Astoria (from the movies? I'm not sure) and hopes to visit. She would like to exchange messages on Facebook with Astorians for fun and to improve her English. You won't have any trouble understanding her. Go ahead and look her up :-)

Thanks for all of your kind messages yesterday.

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Lowell said...

Aha! You're out and about. Sort of. And 'tis a glorious photo, too. The tower is set off nicely by the blue water and sky and I like the 90 degree angle between the tower and the ship. I can't see that it is skewed. I'll have a glass of wine and maybe that will help me see the skewing. :-)

longbeachpeninsuladailyphoto said...

The river is such an interesting place. I like this shot with the ship in the background! What a good idea to take regular photos of the same spot. I might try that over here.

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