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Friday, November 23, 2012

Coolest Sign Award

Astoria, Oregon ~ November 20, 2012

I could fall in love with almost any Victorian house, but I have a special place in my heart for Italianate Victorians. I can't tell you why. They're not as interesting-looking as the more ornate Victorians, so maybe it's their unexpectedness or their stately effect. Or maybe it's the name. This house across from the rectory (or whatever denomination it is) in my last post gets my personal "Coolest Sign of the Day" award.


This Italianate was built to be the
home for the Charles Heilborn
 Family. In 1904 it became the 
home of Geo. Nelson, a ship's
Chandler. Eleanor – his
 wife – was the daughter of 
Capt. Gustov Holmes.


Mildred Stacey arrived in
Astoria the night of the 
1922 fire. She moved into 
this house in 1929 and ran 
an upscale boarding house 
from 1930-1960's. She lived 
here until her passing at 
the age of 104 ~

 private     residence

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Kim said...

That is a wonderfully conceived and painted sign. I'm sorry to see it water damaged. I, like you, am a sucker for Victorian Italianates. This is a pretty one.

Lowell said...

It is a wonderful house and so well maintained. And what a cool history. The sign is absolutely a winner. What is the award for the coolest sign? I'm a Sagittarius, does that sign count for anything? :-)

Nice to see your post up!

midnitemike said...

My step-mom used too take care of Mildred. She said she knew where all the skeletons were buried on most everyone in town and she was going to her grave with them---and she did! My dad once asked her when she was over a hundred if she ever started to think of something and then forgot what she was thinking of? She snapped her head around and said "NEVER"! said...

It is nice that they communicate the history of the occupants. Some day their own names should be added.

My guess is that they got asked questions about the house and whether it was a B & B and they decided that they would rather post a sign than be bothered.

Tasha's Mom said...

This is definitely an interesting sign, but when I saw your email subject, I thought you would show the "Desdemona's" sign. I think that one rocks. :)

Anonymous said...

Great sign. I think whoever painted it must be a bit of a storyteller. I love the detail about Mildred arriving the night of the 1922 fire. So much more intriguing than the usual facts and dates you often see outside historical houses.

Halcyon said...

That is a cool and informative sign. I guess someone painted that lettering by hand, which makes it even cooler. Amazing that they can get everything so straight and perfect!

JM said...

Yes, Victorian houses are beautiful!

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