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Monday, May 16, 2011

Sand Bar

Astoria, Oregon ~ May 8, 2011

I took this photo from the Astoria Column with a 12x zoom. This is definitely not how it looks to the naked eye from that far away. You can see Ilwaco, Washington, on the far side of the river. The shipping channel is off the photo at the bottom, and the tall points of the bridge are out of sight to the left. As you can see here, the ships' pilots have to know what they're doing. Here you can see a photo of the sand bar taken from the bridge.

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Clytie said...

Here's to the ship pilots of the world!

When we were kids we decided (out of sheer boredom during long trips I'm sure) that every time dad drove over a bridge we had to hold our breath. It was just fine until we came to the Astoria bridge. We all started gasping before we were a quarter across!

Come to think of it, I bet it was my parents who came up with that game - what better way to make 6 bored kids shut up once in a while???

~Cheryl said...

I enjoyed going up the Astoria Column. The view was great ... next time I'll bring binoculars so I can see this sand bar! Marvelous photo.

cieldequimper said...

An 8. How beautiful.

Francisca said...

My thought, before I read your words, exactly... those freighter captains better know about this sand bar! Cool perspective, Sheryl!

Francisca said...

PS. Your 2009 shot is superb too! :-)

Ali - Scituate Daily Photo said...

I love this! What a neat perspective.

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