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Sunday, May 15, 2011

Bag All Fish Guts

Astoria, Oregon ~ May 8, 2011

Here is the third photo from the same day at the same location. It just goes to show how lucky we are. Every direction is a picture - and I haven't even shown the marina yet. I promised to post the sign, which says, "Bag all fish guts. Then put in the DUMPSTER." I guess they are serious. There are many, many boats in the marina behind me, and most are for fishing.

The Cannery Pier Hotel seen in the last two posts is out of sight on the left, and the red building on the right is a beautifully-refurbished building which was (I think) formerly used for marine-type storage. I imagine that originally it was part of the cannery. Having said that it was beautifully refurbished, I still liked it better before it was fixed up. I was lucky enough to attend a drawing group upstairs on this end for awile, and Royal Nebeker and Rhonda Grudenic had their studios upstairs. Rhonda's figure drawing was amazing, although she's better known for her abstract paintings. I think there were other studios in the building that I'm not aware of. The atmospheric weathered wood and everything that was aged and creaky reminded me of old stables and ranch buildings I grew up with, and I loved the feeling. The old red building was a place that felt intrinsically creative.

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Jacob said...

I like this area very much. Authentic artsy-craftsy. Can't beat that. It would appear you had a sun break in a cloudy afternoon on May 8.

Our spring has been wonderful...highs in the mid-70s and lows in the mid-50s...the last week or so we've had some hot days (90s) but a thunderstorm last night cooled things down...I played golf today and it was perfect and cool almost all morning - I think our high was only about 75. Very nice.

Hope you are doing well!

The3basenjiameigos said...

Its hard for me to tell, but that red building in the background looks like part of the old cannery that used to be there where the Cannery Hotel is now. That old red building is where my dad used to rack and fix his fishing nets (if it is the same building, not sure). Also when the old cannery was up and running, my dad used to rack and fix his nets upstairs of the cannery. I used to hang out at the cannery as a kid. On nice days I would help him rack and dry his nets outside of the cannery.

Lots of memories.


Anonymous said...

I'm really glad you posted this, I was confused by the white pipe sticking out of the tabletop in yesterday's shot.

I like this perspective of the bridge, it really shows the lines,

tapirgal said...

Hey, thanks for your nice comments!

Francisca said...

This is a nice third in a series. Each with its own lines, view and story.

In my subway art post, the pi is on mirror and the white marble wall you see there is a refection of the other side of the passageway. :-)

JM said...

Love the first shot of this series, but this composition is just perfect! Well done, Sheryl.

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