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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Hawaiian Chieftain and Lady Washington

Astoria, Oregon ~ May 20, 2011

We've been seeing a lot of these beautiful tall ships on the Columbia River for the past few days. They've been taking passengers out for exciting reenactments and photo ops. I haven't gone, but I know someone who did, and I may be posting a photo or two when they come out of the camera. This is part of Astoria's bicentennial celebration.

I was working the other day and heard a loud "BOOM"! As it turns out, the ships were firing cannons at each other and there was a big puff of white smoke next to one of the ships. I can't believe how loud the cannon fire was!

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Steffe said...

That boom really was a blast from the past then. Nice scene here with the two ships.

Francisca said...

The sailboats are sweet to look at, but something tells me I'd not be keen to cross an ocean in one. Steffe's comment is funny.

Jacob said...

These are magnificent craft ... I'd like to go out sailing on one but only if nobody's shooting at me!

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