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Saturday, January 15, 2011

Three in a Row

Astoria, Oregon ~ January 23, 2010

These three houses must have a story, and if anyone knows it, I'd be interested to hear it. They have similar design elements. If you use your imagination, they are approximately red, white, and blue. 

The first house has the "comedy/tragedy" masks on the pediment representing drama and/or other creative arts.

The second house has an eagle that reminds me of early Americana. The three houses are across Grand Avenue from yesterday's Buddha. They seem like a matched set, but of what?

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Gayle said...

Sheryl -

Where on Grand?

Gayle said...

Sheryl -

Never mind. Think I figured it out - west of the intersection of 14th & Grand, on the north side of the street? In that mystery space where there is no 13th between 12th and 14th? I see the "red" house number is 1318.

Sorry I know nothing of the history of those houses. I did, however, have a dear childhood friend who lived in the house perched on the hill, above its garage, directly across the street. In those days there wasn't anything in the lot on the SW corner of 14th and Grand. I think there is a triplex there now?

Fred Alfonse, who lives in the 2nd house down on the trail from Grand to Franklin, may know something. He has lived in that neighborhood his entire life.

tapirgal said...

Hi Gayle,

Yes, that's the place. There is a huge house on the corner going east, and it could be a triplex. Maybe I'll post it tomorrow. I'm doing so many other things right now that I'm not making time for the research, but I'm always curious :)

Greensboro Daily Photo said...

A great trio of houses!

cieldequimper said...

Nice details and nice that they all have different colours!

tapirgal said...

I received the following comment by e-mail:



There are three houses that are triplets, but present themselves differently. Look at 962 16th - that's our place. Bold horizontal facia, built-in gutters, ... Up one is the same floor plan and same red gum trim, but a different look. Lastly, the top house, which faces the college on Jerome, is the third of the trio. The top house stucco is being repaired and so it's not a great time for photos, but you might keep these in mind.

We were told that 962 16th was built in 1915 for the Law family who operated a plumbing supply store in Astoria. It was separated into two flats during the war when there was a need for more housing. It was a rooming house for a while. There was a murder in the house - the woman who killed her boyfriend was on the lam for several months but finally rounded up.

I continue to enjoy your pictures.


Thanks so much! I always enjoy hearing from anyone with information or who enjoys the blog :)


saradanhauer said...

We own the blue house. It was built in 1904. We also own the big Victorian on the corner. It was built in the late 1890's and converted into apartment in the 1920's.

Lee Spangler said...

Sheryl: Aleta lives in the middle one I think or the red one, Laurie and I sold it to her. I believe I sold the red one in 1987 to a really fine fellow whose name escapes me-Dan (something short) and he probably still lives there. I'm sure Hauers know something of the history. The father died in the last ten years. He was a terrific locksmith and active in the community in Search and Rescue. In fact the family had always always especially kind to me. As far as the history is concerned, John Goodenberger probably will be able to tell you. He's done a historical survey on most of the older houses

Susan Overgaard said...

My family used to own the middle house.My parents, Robert H. Smith and Marie DePolo Smith purchased the house around 1964--as children, all five of us went to Star of the Sea across the street. My mom sold the house I believe around 2002 when she moved into assisted living after Dad passed away. For over 20 years, our dear neighbors on the west side were Dan Riley and Susie Brown. Both very talented people, Susie was very involved in theatre, hence the comedy tragedy decor. A fine little neighborhood!

Francisca said...

What a charming series of houses... and how fun to hear the histories from the owners.

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