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Wednesday, May 22, 2013


Hotel Elliott ~ May 19, 2013

Behind this unassuming picture of Hotel Elliott is a story about transformation.  Once snickered about as "Hotel Smelliott," local resident and NBA (Native Born Astorian) Chester Trabucco and  his financial partners transformed this into a world-class hotel while retaining its historic structure.  Behind these plain walls is a place of luxury and comfort, but not without its controversy. Mr. Trabucco -- along with those who invested in the renovation of Liberty Theater -- created a legacy that sparked a new era for Astoria.  

Astoria, Oregon, Daily Photo is sponsored by Tapir and Friends Animal Store and Astoria Sunday Market.


LOLfromPasa said...

I just love the 'wonderful beds' addition to the sign. I am sure they are :).

Lee Spangler said...

In spite of Chester and his family's controversial role in Astoria history, his(their) contributions outweigh the intrigue and gossip.

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