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Thursday, June 2, 2011


Astoria, Oregon ~ May 21, 2011
Photo copyright Parker Ivanoff

My ten-year-old friend Parker got a chance to take a sail on one of the tall ships on the Columbia River during Astoria's bicentennial celebration. He brought back this wonderful photo of the adventure taken with his mom's cell phone. I think it came out spectacularly well. Maybe when Parker sees this, he'll fill us in on the event and I will update the post or upload another photo from his day "at sea" (in quotes because it's really the river - a huge one, at that!). I also hope to find out which ship this is. There were two of them on the river that day.

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Clytie said...

Wow, Parker certainly has the photographic touch! The perspective of this shot is awesome!

Unknown said...

It really is a great shot! Although I don't like heights, I would love to climb one of these someday. :-)

Francisca said...

Kudos to Parker for this excellent shot of the mast! And with a cell phone, yet! Why am I lugging around this huge DSLR?!

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