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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Red and "Blue"

Astoria, Oregon ~ June 13, 2011

Here's another shot of the purple (lavender?) rhododendron bush outside the post office. Yesterday's photo was the "art shot," today's photo shows the brilliant red flowers on the adjacent bush. I think the sceme is supposed to be vaguely red, white, and blue. The nearly-white rhodies at the other end of the building were falling apart as of yesterday, but here is my shot of them from last year. If I remember, the pink were still looking OK, but the white ones are about gone.

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Bryon's little piece of web. said...

Thank you for sharing your talent and the beauty of the Oregon coast with us! I grew up vacationing in Astoria and Seaside and your blog brings back wonderful memories.

Jacob said...

I like that gnarly old tree trunk! Reminds me of a lot of gnarly old people I know. That's the trouble with growing old, you keep running into more people just like you! Yikes!

Clytie said...

Your purple rhodies are still quite gorgeous - and the pink ones too.

The first thing I saw though, when I looked at your picture, were several faces in the tree trunk! It's an amazing gnarly old tree - so much character!

JSchu said...

I agree with them: it was the gnarly tree that caught my eye. Rhodies are nice too, but the tree is unique.

Catherine Todd said...

Love it! Makes me miss the rhododendrons in NC, and the giant forests of them we've seen on camping trips. Thank God deer don't like to eat rhododendrons, the way they love Azaleas, or I don't think there would be any left, in town or in the wild!

Catherine Todd said...

email follow ups!

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