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Sunday, March 13, 2011

A Cafe for Deer

Astoria, Oregon ~ March 12, 2011

Columbian black-tailed deer can often be seen trotting up and down Astoria's streets. These two stopped off for a snack at the old Flavel House on 15th Street, sometimes known as the Halloween House (is that right?). I'll show the house tomorrow.

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Michael said...

When I was visiting Astoria last summer, I visited The Goonie House and there was a deer family grazing all around it. What a pleasant bonus!

Jacob and Lois Anne said...

Great shot, Sheryl. These are so much prettier than the mule deer found near our daughter's house in Colorado...they're sleeker and more "dainty," if that makes any sense.

Does this mean you were out and about taking photos?

Jacob and Lois Anne said...

Thanks, Sheryl. We had a beautiful day at Lake Blue Mesa...bright and sunny and warm. But we didn't make it to Crested time we'll have to do that. I've heard it is beautiful!

If I had seen you walking around Astoria, I would have probably said, "Oh dear, how wonderful!" :-)

Naturedigital said...

Beautiful animals Sheryl.
Have a great week.

Francisca said...

How lovely for you to run into these sweet deer.

JM said...

How cool! Here we have dirty pigeons! :-)))

Pat Tillett said...

Local landscapers! The yard fits the house (I'm catching up)

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