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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Thank You!

 Puppy Break -- Shamu mugging for the camera. So named because he looks and squeals like an Orca Whale.

Thank you for your patience and allowing me this puppy break. 

 I've had to temporarily suspend the daily photos due to an overwhelming amount of work that includes volunteering for the 2013 Commercial Fishermen's Festival taking place this weekend, opening  a new business managing the Astoria Event Center, raising four puppies my mama dog Greta gave birth to six weeks ago, and of course,overseeing the Astoria Sunday Market during a busy time. 

 My ability to tour the community to take photos has been limited this past month as I adjust to living in the house of poo.

Happily, puppies are nearly ready for their shots then in just two weeks ready for their forever homes.  The puppies have been noisy, messy, chaotic fun.  My wall-to-wall carpeting did not survive.  

Astoria, Oregon, Daily Photo is sponsored by Tapir and Friends Animal Store and Astoria Sunday Market.

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