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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Drive-by Astoria #14: Uniontown

Astoria, Oregon ~ September 15, 2012
Marine Drive, Uniontown

Still on our drive-by excursion, we pass some buildings in the short stretch of Marine Drive called Uniontown that were apparently built as houses, but most often are home to small businesses. I enjoyed the funky and eclectic "Captain Fishhead's Emporium," or whatever the official name was, but it's emptied out now. Stores in this area have ranged from the fun and funky to the downright sleazy. I got my favorite shoes mended in this vicinity, so that was quite useful. You can see in the upper left of the photo how the bridge ramp vaults into the air at a nice clip.

What are your favorite or least favorite places in Uniontown?

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1 comment:

Lee Spangler said...

It may not be the prettiest but Im sure it has some interesting history. Probably built by or for a Scandanavian probably Finnish fisherman or cannery worker. Astoria was quite the Socialist community therefore that neighborhood was called Uniontown,

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