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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Franciscovich Building: Under A Blue Sky

Astoria, Oregon ~ February 15, 2012
Guest Photographer: Jessika Robinson

One of the many cool things about Astoria is the named buildings in our downtown area. Located on Marine Drive at 16th Street, this one is just outside the nucleus of the congregation of commercial buildings that line Commercial Street, Duane, and part of Marine Drive. It housed Hauer's Cyclery & Locksmith for many years, and now it's the home of the Bach 'n Rock music store. I have to admit I didn't recognize the upper facade of the Franciscovich Building when my guest photographer showed it to me. The building was constructed, as most of downtown Astoria was, after the Great Fire of 1922. The Franciscovich dates from 1925.

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Small City Scenes said...

I like the older buildings and their names too. It is fun trying to find the history. MB

Lee Spangler said...

When Googling the name I discovered that Frank Franciscovich was a State Senator from Astoria who died in 1942. I don't know what the family business was but based on its location maybe they sold marine supplies. I love the brickwork and the theme again demonstrates how talented your eye is in picking out the little things

Lowell said...

There are a number of buildings in towns in Colorado with names on top of them that no longer relate to what goes on in the building. There are a number of these kinds of buildings in The Villages, also, but they are all fake! :-) The Villages - Disneyworld for Adults!

Nick Franciscovich said...

The Franciscovich building was built by my great-uncle Albert, and I'm proud to say that I got to see it still standing in Astoria. Admittedly, the Columbia Maritime Museum next to it is more grand and impressive, but that something my family built is still in good shape and earning someone money despite its age is a source of great pride to us.

It's not a fake name, nor an attempt to play at tourists. The Franciscovich family is still dedicated to constructing great, long-living buildings for the Pacific Northwest, and our office in Aberdeen, Washington, will be happy to confirm that our family built it.

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